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Brady’s Bend Underground Storage
The smart choice for winterizing your investment

Looking for the only sure proof way to winterize your car, boat or RV and eliminate the harmful effects of freeze and thaw in the Greater Pittsburgh area? Brady’s Bend Underground Storage exclusively offers underground storage with the guarantee of no mold or mildew. Our climate controlled storage option is a constant 65 degrees and 65% humidity. These climate controlled conditions are perfect for Pittsburgh winter storage and far superior to other “heated” storage options that don’t properly protect your valuable investment. Our climate controlled storage is also cheaper than above ground vehicle storage options such as shrink wrapping where boat owners must pay for the shrink wrap, pay for the storage, pay for the winterization and then still hope that their investment remains undamaged from the tough conditions of the winter weather. Brady’s Bend Underground Storage is the cost-effective, low-risk solution to protect your investment.

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