Don't Let Uncontrollable Conditions Damage Your Investment

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Even a professional winterization cannot protect your car, boat, or RV from the brutal effects winter can have. Every Pittsburgh winter that your vehicle experiences significantly decreases its performance and value.

Some of the top reasons why thousands of customers opt for vehicle storage with Brady’s Bend Underground Storage include Leaks from freezing and thawing; Damage to the exterior by snow and salt; Animal and rodent infestation; Deterioration of the battery; and Tire damage, just to name a few.

None of those harmful effects occur in our underground storage. Our underground humidity-controlled storage has an average humidity level of 65% and is the perfect Pittsburgh storage option.

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Advantages of Underground Storage...

  • Consistent and controlled temperature and humidity
  • Secured Premises
  • No need to winterize
  • No ice, wind, hail, or snow damage
  • Easy Park Service available
  • Convenient billing options
  • Military discounts available

How easy is Winter Storage With Brady's Bend?

  • Call to schedule an appointment to deliver your vehicle
  • Remove all portable gas and propane tanks
  • Make sure the gas tank is less than half full
  • Park the unit and disconnect the battery
  • Enjoy your winter

Climate Controlled Storage

  • No mold or mildew with a 65°F temperature and average 65% humidity.
  • Clean, well-lit, and painted storage rooms.
  • Periodic security and satisfaction check of all units.
  • Secure entrances and exits to facility.
  • Maximum Room Heights 11'

Unconditioned Storage

  • Budget-friendly option for boats, campers, RVs, and 5th wheels.
  • Winterization of vehicles is unnecessary due to a constant 54°F temperature.
  • The humidity in this section is significantly higher than our Climate Controlled Storage.
  • Maximum Room Heights 12'