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Brady’s Bend Corporation, an inactive limestone mine in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania (near Butler), was acquired by J. Howard Bruce, in January of 1961 from U.S. Steel. The firm’s management has extensive development experience in subsurface limestone facilities in Pennsylvania, as well as extensive mining, real estate development, and property management expertise.

The property was acquired solely with the objective of limestone mining. In the mid 1970’s, BBC began to store boats, cars, and RV’s in unconditioned, previously mined-out areas. In 2003, a major renovation and conversion of the existing facilities and physical development of available undeveloped space began.

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Facts and Information

Brady’s Bend Corporation offers a total of 50 million square feet of underground space. Currently developed buildings total 1,000,000 square feet accommodating storage for all types of material, warehouse storage, classified documents and records, media and data, private warehouses, classified offices and vault secured material. Over 1,000,000 square feet of general purpose space is used for the seasonal storage of recreational vehicles.

The physical structure of the customized office and warehouse spaces consist of huge limestone pillars up to 30 feet thick which support a solid rock ceiling. They are available for long term lease and feature concrete floors that are installed over the solid limestone base. Concrete block walls and the stone ceiling are painted white for optimal illumination. Electricity, lighting, plumbing, offices and specialized climate control systems are installed to meet each tenant’s material storage requirements.

The steady state climate in the unconditioned part of the facility remains a constant, natural ambient temperature of 54 degrees, thus lowering electrical and heating costs within the climatized spaces. The subsurface is also vibration free and ideally suited for high tech firms.

There are many economic advantages for tenants utilizing subsurface buildings. Construction time is shortened and can be performed year-round because the winter climate has no effect on the underground. Construction time for building a tenant space is typically between 120 to 150 days. The costs of operations have proven to be much lower in underground buildings. Utility costs are 50% or less than surface buildings. Real estate taxes are significantly less. Temperature control is easily and affordably accomplished, thereby resulting in increased worker productivity. There are virtually no exterior maintenance expenses.

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