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Tips for Winter Boat Storage near Pittsburgh

Preparing your boat for winter storage at Brady’s Bend Underground Storage is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than preparing your boat for storage at an above-ground option that exposes your boat to the elements. However, there are still some winter boat storage steps that we recommend to maximize the performance of you boat.

Winter Boat Storage Tip #1: Thoroughly clean the boat.

Proper Pittsburgh boat winterization requires cleaning the inside and outside of the boat. On the outside, clean the hull and deck. On the inside, empty cabinets, clean the head, wash all of the hardware and trim. Make sure to leave all of the cabinets open once they are clean.

Winterizing Your Boat Tip #2: Dry the boat.

As important as cleaning is, drying is even more important. Successful Pittsburgh winter boat storage requires a dry interior and exterior. Make sure all fabric surfaces are completely dry. Cushions should be either removed or propped up so that there is maximum air circulation. Installing odor and moisture absorbers will help reduce unwanted surprises in the spring.

Winter Storage of Boats Tip #3: Address electronics.

Step one is to disconnect the battery and clean the battery terminals. If the battery is older, it might make sense to remove the battery so that it can be charged over the winter, ensuring that it is ready to go in the spring. Check all of the fuses and wiring. Disconnect all other electronic devices as well.

Storing Your Boat Tip #4: Optimize the engine.

Check all of the belts, clamps and hoses. Remove drive belts to release the tension and increase their lifespan. Refresh the coolant system by draining system, flushing water through it and then adding new antifreeze. Change the oil and filter and clean the strainers. Steering mechanisms should be greased and fuel stabilizer should be added. Lastly, spray fogging oil into the carburetor and spark plug holes.

Boat Winterization Tip #5: Drain water tanks and other compartments.

Drain all fresh water tanks and the water heater. Make sure to turn the water heater off first. Remove the bilge drain plug and drain the bilge.

Winter boat storage in Pittsburgh requires a number of precautions to ensure that your boat runs at optimum performance for many years to come. This list is a brief summary of some of the steps necessary. It is recommended that the boat’s manual be reviewed and followed to address every required boat winterization step per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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